This is the story of my life – murder investigations and kidnapping cold case

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All I wanted was to put my suspicions of a baby mix-up to rest. I have over fifteen years and numerous reasons why I took this to a unimaginable place I call HELL!

I want to present you my story. There is a cold case in my life about my baby. 

Here are the videos about Dr. Michael Berkland:

To whom it may concern,
I, Michelle Helderman hired Michael E. Berkland DO. To perform an independent autopsy and a DNA test to determine maternity for my son, Cody Helderman. Reason being my family and I suspected he was switched at birth and I was given a stillborn to burry.
Exactly, May 20, 2004, Dr. Berkland returned my call. He stated he wanted to help and would meet at my place of residence to review my personal documents.
Oddly, on May 24, 2004, as a friend, Katrina Tohosky and I was about to get my files out of my vehicle suddenly a shadowy white male chased us both into my house. 911 were called. Deputy Flint arrived and made a report. Because of Deputy Flint’s behavior, I escorted him off my property. It was very serious involving his gun. The white male was never identified.
On the morning of May 25, 2004, I hired Dr. Michael E. Berkland from Fort Walton Beach Florida to exhume the remains of Cody Helderman from Parks Cemetery in Summerville , South Carolina ASAP. Before the meeting ended I was astounded while Deputy Flint walked though my door, unannounced. He stared directly at Dr. Berkland and asked is everything alright. Deputy Flint was aware of the meeting with Dr. Berkland and the principle. Katrina Tohosky quickly led Flint out the same door he came through.

Dr. Berkland in turn, called his connection to validate there was indeed a Deputy Flint on the police force. The reason being, he was not wearing a nametag. This concerned me. Dr. Berkland confirmed it was John aka William Flint and he was a deputy, over the phone.

Following the meeting with Dr. Berkland, I received a call it was FLINT asking for me. I did not want to talk to him. Katrina told him I was down the street. Afterwards Katrina went home for a spell.

When everything calmed down Teia, my daughter was as serious as a heart attack when she asked me to sit down; she had something to tell me. It has always been a mystery for years, ever since Friday 13, March 1998. Teia wanted to tell what she saw and heard at the hospital before Dave took her home. I listened and was in shambles. Later, Teia wrote a letter and recorded her experience.

June 07, 2004 Dr. Berkland received a letter from the Parks Funeral Home in Summerville, Sc. on the subject of the disinterment of Cody. I met Dr. Berkland in front of the Pensacola Court House onBaylen St . The letter was addressed to Dr. Berland. I was told his name was B-e-r-k-l-i-n by Dr. Nicholson, whom referred Dr. Berkland back in 2002. I questioned Dr. Berkland about the spelling of his name. He stated, “They can call me whatever they wanted.” insinuating, it was just a simple mistake, a typo. He was acting a little shifty and not making much sense. The letter stated (both) parents of Cody Helderman needed to sign for the disinterment, reinterment. Dr. Berkland was signifying me to get the father of the baby’s signature by hook or by crook. With the risk that was involved by this exhumation of Cody, I knew that getting the signature of the F.O.B. Wilber Davis Marsh Jr., A.K.A. Dave was unthinkable. On the other hand, I looked-into the regulations and found that to be fictitious. I did not need the signature of Dave after all. Accordingly, On June 18, 2004, I had the order for disinterment signed for Parks Funeral Home in Summerville, Sc. with the aid of Bayview Memorial of Pensacola Florida. Afterwards, I was waiting for the transit order to be signed by a Judge.

Read the whole story about this cold case.

what had happend
My purpose is to get public awareness for my story and if someone has more information or just wants to help, I’ll appreciate it. If you want more information about my cold case, there are a lot of article around the internet.
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