Apart from Police Work, How Else Can One Solve Murders?

How to Solve Murder Investigations Using Only Forensics?

A forensic investigation is establishing evidence and facts which are presented in a court of law. This phrase is used for almost all murder investigations. When people think of forensics, they automatically think of crime scene investigation, where physical evidence will be gathered. There are other types of forensic investigation, though, ranging from the likes of computer forensics to sub-fields which focus on insects and dentistry, plus crime scenes.

The kind of forensic investigation many people know revolves around crimes of violence. Forensics which is used in these investigations helps uncover scientific evidence which provides sufficient proof or evidence to convict a criminal. These techniques can help to disprove outdated evidence, which can lead to the release of an individual that was wrongly convicted.

One of the primary types of evidence is biological, like blood spatter and hair which have DNA. Impression evidence, such as fingerprints or tire tracks, will help to connect people to a crime scene or a victim. Weapon identification, the examination of guns and tools to match weapons to wounds marks, all help to identify what the weapon was in a crime, in addition to connecting it to a prime suspect. Once this evidence is collected at a crime scene, it will then be sent to a lab to be processed.

A fast growing division of forensics is digital or computer investigation. This is a branch of science which involves any legal evidence which is located within a digital storage device or computer. This forensic field has numerous subdivisions, ranging from the likes of database forensics to firewalls and portable or mobile forensics.

Digital investigation can be extremely useful in various situations, like the examination of a defendant’s computer. Investigators will use numerous programs and utilities in order to recover lost data which a suspect could have deleted. Careful handling of digital evidence is vital if you want it to be admissible in a court of law.

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