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The True Nature of Homicide Investigations

The Mundane Routine of Murder Investigation Squads

There is a big difference between the murder investigation we see in movies and real life investigations. The real thing is far more monotonous and less exciting that what we see on screen. Sometimes, we have luck, but most of the times, success is the result of hard and tedious work. If being a genius means having infinite capacity for enduring pain, then you have to be a genius to conduct homicide investigations. Continue reading

Insight on How Cold Case Squads Function

The Most Important Components Behind Murder Investigation

The exact duties of the members of each squad are different depending on the particular law enforcement agency. Almost all of the unsolved or suspected cases for homicide from which the leading detective has retired, transferred or left the investigation for other reasons are reviewed and continued. These squads are often very effective when it comes to locating and working with new and old witnesses, as well as physical evidence. All of this helps to identify suspects, especially when the leading detective has no more leads. Continue reading

How to Keep Track of an Open Murder Investigation?

What Is a Murder Investigations Book?

A murder book is a phrase which is used in the U.S. to describe a file on an open homicide case. During a homicide investigation, police officers will gather information pertaining to solving the case. This information, in addition to crime scene pictures or observations from the responding officers and investigators, suspect information, and forensic reports, is collated into one file, also referred to as a murder book. Other information pertaining to the murder investigations, like statements from witnesses and copies of executed search warrants, are also placed in this file. Continue reading

New Cold Case Team Members

How the Change of Staff Members Can Affect Murder Investigation

The advancements in the education of specialists in the cold case field have brought a new state of mind, a new way of thinking, and a new perspective to the hunt. New analysts have an alternative approach to the investigation. They have better understanding of how to properly utilize computers to hunt for data, new trends, patterns and crunch numbers which help provide leads and new information for detectives. Continue reading