My story

Ironically, I had a lot of break-ins to my home; my vehicle had been temporarily disabled, strange phone calls about an appeal for a murder trial in Charleston Sc. Which in the end of the trial the Lorne George that had three life sentences was set free.Then out of nowhere, on June 30, 2004 Pamela Moore from California assaulted me which caused great bodily harm. Ms. Moore told me she hated me, read off my tag number to my truck, spat in my face then commenced to fight with me in my own driveway. I did not once hit this strange woman. I restrained her. I was holding her down on my driveway asking who she was.

I asked the witness that was accompanying Ms. Moore, if he was her man and requesting he come and get her. He just laughed and shook his head no. Later the man was identified as W. Atkins on Deputy Flint’s computer. I asked if she was going to stop fighting, Ms. Moore answered, yes. As I was letting her up off the driveway, at that moment she bit me on my right wrist then she was pulling me by my arm. After this, I realized I had a dislocated arm and fell to my knees. I was crying but still asking, who she was. Ms. Moore answered “your worst nightmare!” Teia came to rescue me and demanded Ms Moore, “to get the hell off her property”. Ms. Moore told my thirteen year old daughter “go dig a hole so I can finish her off”. Again, I did not know this woman or any of the witnesses. Including the new neighbour across the street.

The hospital episodes are mind-boggling. I was drugged with morphine then coaxed into receiving a shot to specifically erase my memory while the doctors reset my arm. I was very hesitant in accepting this shot. But the doctors insisted. I agreed with one condition, that I was not to be separated from my family. I requested my mother or daughter stay in my presence the whole time I was sedated. The doctor agreed under those terms. The doctor said because of the small space in the room, the only time my family cannot be by my side is when they reset my arm. It took them two tries to reset my arm. I remember vaguely an officer standing at my bedside. When it was all over I was walking out by the guidance of Tia, everybody in the ER was clapping and causing a big scene. They were congratulating us.

Later I was informed of the events that took place in the ER. The officers pushed Tia out of the room and caused a stir. She didn’t want to leave my side. The doctor allowed an interview by crime scene, in a heavily sedated condition. Meanwhile another crime scene officer showed Teia pictures of Pamela that were very traumatizing for her.

I called Deputy Allday I wanted to know about his discoveries of the assault. Deputy Allday stunned me when he said right away; he knew this assault had nothing to do with my son. I asked how you know anything about my son. You had mentioned something about him in the hospital, Deputy Allday explained. I was at a complete loss, I didn’t remember the interview. I asked, what did you asked me to get that information. He reminded me I was pretty drugged at the time and was saying all sorts of things, including something about a cussing parrot. Picture it, One minute I am talking about my son the next minute my Scarlet macaw, and that’s about all that was said.

The conversation ended as efficient as the trial. Pamela said she jumped me cause she thought I was sleeping with her man. I had been selibant for five years and I was going to trial because sombody thought I was sleeping with her man? Easy way out! Demestic dispute. I say it was a hired hit.

After several weeks had elapsed, to a long drawn out debate of the law with the funeral home, I had the transit order signed and awaiting at Parks Funeral Home. It seemed Dr. Berkland was stalling. Supposedly, he was buried in work. He also had a so-called conference in St. Louis Missouri . Dr. Berkland could not get Cody soon enough. Therefore, On August 02, 2004 Parks Funeral Home of Summerville SC. exhumed Cody and he was put in my possession. Once Mr. & Mrs. Helderman, Katrina Tohosky (friend from earlier) and I crossed the South Carolina state line with the remains; I gave a call to Dr. Berkland on his cellular phone and asked, “What do we do with Cody once we arrive in Florida ?” To my surprise Dr. Berkland said, “Take Cody home with you and set him on an air vent to keep him cool.”

Dr. Berkland said he would meet up with us to take delivery of Cody on the following day, when he got a chance.

August 03, 2004

August 03, 2004 around 5:00 p.m. Connie, Katrina and I met Dr. Berkland in the parking lot of his new office in Pensacola Florida at 224 East Government St . I entrusted Cody Helderman’s remains with Dr. Berkland. Dr. Berkland and I discussed the two different types of DNA testing. The first-mentioned was STR., which cost three thousand dollars. Next, the big test with distinctive results the Mitochondrial DNA Which cost four thousand dollars, both tests included an autopsy. Connie Helderman agreed to pay for the four thousand dollar autopsy and the Mitochondrial DNA to determine cause of death and maternity.

Dr. Berkland had much difficulty getting the casket opened. The vault was very well sealed. Subsequently, he transported the casket to Bayview Memorial Funeral Home to get some help. John Webb was present to assist. Mr. Webb and Dr. Berkland both commented on the formaldehyde being strong smelling; To Dr. Berklands surprise everything was intact. In spite of that Dr.Berkland said “Cody had been pickled.” Another words, Cody was soaked in formaldehyde for three or four days, Note: Cody was never embalmed before he was buried in 1998.

August 11, 2004

August 11, 2004 Dr.Berkland took a buccal swab and a hair sample from Cody and me, for DNA. Connie Helderman paid Berkland four thousand dollars for the autopsy and the Mitochondrial DNA, she asked for a receipt. Upon that receipt he signed his name, Dr. Berkland with his new Pensacola address. At that point I knew the proper spelling of his name. After this latest information, I did some research and determined that Dr. Berkland had a clear and active profile with the exception of a beside an appeal in the state of Missouri . I also found that both of the funeral homes are affiliated, owned by the same company. As luck would have it, the lady at the front desk at Bayview was a former employee of Parks Funeral home in Summerville South Carolina . It was the calm before the storm. Dr. Berkland claimed the results came back from the hair and buccal swab of Cody Helderman, NR. For that reason, On September 13, 2004, Dr. Berkland recommended extracting bone samples to do an additional test to determine DNA. He said he was getting a femur and a rib and he would deliver the samples to the lab before Hurricane Ivan hit.

Following storm Ivan, I was unable to contact Dr. Berkland. I called Bayview Memorial to see if they had any damage and to ensure that the remains of Cody were all right. Inexcusable, Bayview Memorial informed me; Cody was transported to Oak Lawn Funeral Home to be cremated. Naturally, I was awfully upset and without more ado, Katrina and I drove to Oak Lawn to detect what was going on. Oak Lawn informed me there has been a mistake, Cody was in the cooler. Employees at Oak Lawn made Comments, remembering the baby and referred to Cody as a porcelain doll.

I requested to see the transit order, knowing it had to be with the remains at all times, especially, when being transported. I also thought it had to be approved and signed by a judge and the next or kin. I as well asked for a lock of hair to verify Cody had not been cremated. Oak Lawn was in a rage and denied me a lock of hair and there was not a transit order along with the remains. They simply just knew it was Cody. Oak Lawn declared that Dr. Berkland and another doctor was just in with Cody a couple days prior too my visit. I asked whom the other doctor was that accompanied Dr. Berkland. Oak Lawn enlightened me; they were not at liberty to say. I was denied my rights once again. The reason being, it was Dr. Berkland’s private case. Later I found out the other doctor may have been Dr. Johnson, Officer Terry Hicks, Intelligent Unit agreed.

Inconceivable ...

Inconceivable, to make matters worse; Bayview Memorial phoned over to Oak Lawn and asked to have a word with me about this nuisance. I took the call and Bayview made it clear that they were going to incriminate me for abandoning Cody and that it was a felony charge. I explained that I did not have the autopsy report or the DNA results at that point and there is a private investigation in progress.

Eventually, I contacted Dr. Berkland, informed him about the chaos at Oak Lawn Funeral Home. In addition, I wanted to know what laboratory he was using for the samples. At first, he thought it was Quest Laboratory in Pensacola Fl. I called, the samples were not there. I called Dr. Berkland and insisted on knowing the name of the lab. He said the lab was in Milton Florida it was Trinity Solutions. He said it was located at the old jail. It was not at the old jail.

In due course, I made contact with Candy Zuleger whom owns and operates Trinity Solutions. Mrs. Zuleger is retired FDLE. Mrs.Zuleger was familiar with the Helderman case; she was personally separating the samples. Days later Mrs. Zuleger had a large mass of bone marrow. Mrs. Zuleger supposed it would take a few more days maybe a week to get DNA results.

That next day, I called Dr. Berkland and told him I found Trinity Solutions and talked to Mrs. Zuleger. Dr. Berkland stated he knew and he had the results in already. Unfortunately, the test came back NR again, this time from the bone marrow. How is that possible? I asked. Dr. Berkland claimed. The formalin had degraded the DNA. Is DNA truly the new forensics? Evidently, there is a way to degrade it but preserve the corpse so well. Could this be a perfect crime?

Perplexed, with all the inconsistency, I called Mrs. Zuleger to inquire how she contained the results so quickly; beforehand, Mrs.Zuleger informed me that it would take a few days maybe a week. Mrs. Zuleger declared she could no longer talk to me and recommended that I call Dr. Berkland for any further information I may need.

After all the run around, I set up another conference with Dr. Berkland. To get a copy of the autopsy report and the DNA results. Katrina was with me for support.Dr. Berkland had Katrina and I remained on the front porch. Dr. Berkland went inside to get the paper work. Although, the only pieces he came out with was a lock of hair, an outline and pictures of the opening. He explained that the report was not refined and it was going to be approximately seven pages long. Dr. Berkland explained he would phone me or my mother when he completed the report.

At that point in time, I could not bring myself to view the pictures of Cody when Dr. Berkland exposed the casket but Katrina did, just then. There was talk of dirt in a blanket wrapped around Cody against his precious body. Katrina pointed and asked what‘s that? Dr. Berkland responded, “That’s just some dirt“. I immediately wondered, as I was looking at the note entry on the outline stating “vault very well sealed“. How is there dirt in a very well sealed casket? Above and beyond, I found out the day Cody was exhumed that the F.O.B. covered the casket with a rebel flag before it was buried. I took the DNA results and the outline home, puzzled. Several pieces of this puzzle are still missing and sorry to say, new ones arose.

Apprehensively ...

Apprehensively, I called States Attorney and asked if I was committing a felony. Mr. Rimmer asked questions and then scheduled a conference. For the duration of the discussion, he had an investigator and a secretary taking note. Mr. Rimmer mentioned Dr.Berkland jumping sides and insinuating that he was a quack. Then again, many people were stating that very same thing without revealing exactly why. He observed all the files I had in my possession. He was astounded and made some copies for himself. Although, Mr. Rimmer could not be of assistance for Cody or me, I was relieved; I had not committed a felony. As well as, there were no limitations on how long the remains were at a funeral home. He acknowledged he has never seen anything like this before but wished me good luck. The investigator gave me a grin and thumbs up sign as I walked out.

With all that said, I did a more extensive investigation on Dr. Berkland for instance, court records, depositions, news journals, F.D.O.H. and much more. I found all the transactions these officials have been referring too. This added to my trauma. Shortly after, I asked Dr. Berkland for the completed autopsy report and copies of the pictures he took in the course of the opening. Dr. Berklandplanned another appointment. At the launch of the discussion Dr. Berkland asked me where Cody was located. I presumed he was at the funeral home. Eerily, Dr.Berkland had a sample of bone fragment in a small box; he shook it before me, explaining it was an extra sample to do a Mitochondrial DNA, this time at a lab out of New York . In the end of this most unusual meeting, I received the pictures of the opening. Unfortunately, Dr. Berkland said the written autopsy report was not yet completed. He claimed he would send the report the instant it was finalized. When the meeting concluded, Dr. Berkland walked Katrina and I to my vehicle and Dr. Berkland stated to me “Keep your head down!” I turned and asked, you mean up? “No, you better hold yours down!” Dr. Berkland responded. In fright, I did not say another word in return. This is just one illustration of the bizarre remarks Dr. Berkland has articulated. To top it all off, the Escambia County Sheriffs Department had done a search for Cody’s’ remains in my house on September 01, 2004. When I was made aware of this pristine information, I called the police station on The 23rd of November 2004 and asked if it was factual. The dispatcher said yes, but there was no body found.

Entry Officer Dix, had crime scene come out and cunduct the search without my permission or a warrent. Dix whom which has been fired and sued by the federal courts, The dispatcher seemed shaken as well when she read into the previous reports. I wanted all the police reports brought together so I could pick them up the next day. Then the unthinkable happened, a cad report was made. (I need to see all police reports in this matter) The supervisor and a deputy came out and asked if they could conduct a new search for Cody. I said not without a warrant or a missing corps report. I explained they were searching for the wrong child. I said I hoped Cody was at the funeral home where he belongs. The supervisor looked over the autopsy outline and took two steps back then wished me lots of luck in my endeavors.

I went to the Police station to pick up the reports. I specifically asked for every single police report, cad report, what ever evolved my name. I sat and waited patiently for the reports to be brought down. I received only a few selected reports. I walked up to the desk and talked to Mr. Griffith and explained I hadn’t received all of the reports. That conversation got a little heated so I asked, what’s going on? Mr. Griffith could not answer but confessed he was one of the good guys.

I called Dr. Berkland ...

I called Dr. Berkland to make certain Cody was indeed at the funeral home and told him about the mix-up with the police. In reply, He predicted a crime scene and the way states attorney would handle the case. Dr. Berkland expressed that I was in danger and that my male friend could be set up to where it looked like my friend murdered me, reason being I wouldn’t be intimate with him then followed by a suicide. Dr. Berkland said states attorney loves an open shut murder, suicide case. There is nobody to sentence, he already sentenced himself.

A whole heap of unanswered questions have come up since Dr. Berkland has been hired for this case. For instance, the sand dumped in a hospital blanket then wrapped around Cody, his length is 18 ? inches and my son at birth was 21 inches, according to the medical records. Besides, Cody’s head and chest is larger than my son was at birth, seven years ago. Dr. Berkland put into plain words; he measured Cody with a string, and then measured the string, now the degraded DNA.

All I wanted was an autopsy and a DNA test to resolve mine and my families’ suspicion of a baby switched at birth. Instead, there are more questions than answers. All except for the fact Dr. Berkland had once stated, “al Qaeda didn’t take your son“. I am thankful of that but I am hunting for who did?

John Webb from Bayview Funeral Home was beginning to pressure me to just bury the child so he could rest in peace. I felt intimidated. He informed me that Bayview Memorial didn’t want to be involved in any litigation and their attorneys suggested just burying him. The Funeral Home even offered to pay for the burial. Bribery is against the law. Afterwards he gave me ten days to decide what I wanted to do. The other option was he was going to give Cody back to Dr. Berkland. Which Mr. Webb knew very well I would take that as a threat. I didn’t want Dr. Berkland to lay another hand on Cody.

In the mean time I had made an official complaint at the North Charleston Police Station about the switch. I sent the pictures and a seven page fax of facts to Detective Bullard. It was a bolt from the blue; he was going to have every boy DNA tested that was born on March 13, 1998.

Santa Rosa, victim assistance sent a copy of my file to Detective Bullard as a favour.

I went to Illinois to visit my family. The time spent in Illinois was very much needed; it gave me time to form a logic judgment about what was taking place after considering everything that I knew and what I didn’t know just yet.

I was in pursuit for a way to get an order to suspend the evidence. Deputy Perry, city police was going to help. He claimed he was a good guy also. He asked if I was going to tell everyone he was one of the good ones. I said I wasn’t sure, with a giggle. His tone changed after he asked if I was recording their conversation. Deputy Perry forewarned me about the law of recording dialogue without all parties knowing in the state of Florida . Then explained he would have SGT Porter, city police call me.

Even though SGT. Porter and Deputy Perry couldn’t get involved with my case, I asked how a doctor can be practicing in the state from which he has been fired. SGT. Porter said for the reason that Dr. Berkland is independent now.

He demand I come back to Florida wrap up these loose ends. It was the beginning all over again. (Just bury him). 

As a result ...

As a result, I came back to Florida as soon as I was able to make the arrangements. Just to note: The law is not the same in Illinois about recording a conversation. Only one party needs to know of the actually recording.

Before leaving Illinois , I called Mr. Clekis, my old attorney whom misrepresented me in my blotched medical malpractice, wrongful death case in Charleston South Carolina. I wanted to have him send the depositions to a reporter from the local news in Charleston . At the start, I only sent Andy, the reporter one page of the deposition. He wanted all of the depositions, as do many. The Mid Wife, Lee Horton states under oath she felt a heart beat and was certain it was the baby’s.

Mr. Clekis agreed that things were not done properly with my case. He wanted to help me and stated, but do it right this time around without involving Mr. Barrow. He requested that I send a fax letter with my signature to prove it really was me calling him and asking for such. Reason being, He knew of the strange events that surrounded my case.

A couple of days later Mr. Clekis went on a vacation. His secretary had a bitch session for me. In the end she said Mr. Clekis couldn’t represent me. She also put in the picture I was going to end up getting charged for slander. Which would be very hard to prove being everything is true that I am stateing.

Before I left Illinois , I finally retained an attorney in Charleston South Carolina , whom specializes in Family Law. Mrs. Murphy called Bayview Memorial and made matters a little easier for me. Mrs. Murphy
found that Cody was back at Bay view but they couldn’t find the bracelet. I wanted the bracelet for my file.

At The end of June 2005 I was happy to go back to Pensacola Florida to tie up a few loose ends, personally. I wanted the bracelet of Cody’s. I drove to Bayview and again Cody was transported back to Oak Lawn. I went directly over to Oak Lawn and waited as a man went to get the bracelet.

I gave Dr. Berkland more than enough time to get the autopsy report finished. The last attempt to get the report I went by Dr.Berkland’s office and noticed a new red truck in the parking lot. I thought maybe I could catch him. Sorry to say he did not answer the door. I then drove to my mothers. To call Dr. Berkland and talked briefly with him. He asked if he could call me back at my mothers. Just minutes later Dr. Berkland returned my call. I asked about the autopsy report. His response was “You haven’t received it yet?” Dr. Berkland said he would send the report to me at my mothers address.

Besides, Dr. Berkland had a scheme to do another Mitochondrial DNA for little or nothing by someone else he knew, whom remained unidentified. This mysterious man wanted to meet with me face to face. Reluctantly, I approved of the get-together to converse this affair. They were to meet up after Dr. Berkland returned from some business in South Carolina . “It doesn’t involve your case,” Dr. Berkland confessed. Unforgivably, Dr. Berkland disappeared once again.


November 18, 2005 ...

November 18, 2005 I was informed by Andy Minyard of a meeting in Orlando Florida with the FDOH, Board Osteopathic Medicine set for November 19, 2005. Dr. Minyard and Chief M.E. of Florida , Dr. Nelson was going to thrash out matters about Dr.Berkland. I set out to attend the meeting and perhaps form a complaint myself.

The Chairman was appalled by Dr. Berkland’s habitual offences. Not only was there over hundreds of autopsies incomplete and or falsified; Dr. Berkland seized public records. The police department obtained a warrant and conducted a search at his residence in Fort Walton Beach Florida and obtained the records.

Even though he had excuses for the incomplete autopsies he admitted to the accusations of him taking the alleged records unlawfully, As a result, Dr. Berkland was given six months to finish the autopsies for the state of Florida , as well as a five thousand dollar fine. The Chairman asked Dr. Berkland the names of his independent cases, He answers swiftly, no. I was the only one present with a formal complaint.

It is my understanding the Board of Osteopathic Medicine is investigating whether or not he can continual his independent practice in Florida. Dr Berkland was again suspended in May 2006 for another six months.

Sorrowfully, Cody’s remains are still at either Bayview or Oak Lawn. Of course, as you already know, this is precisely how Dr.Berkland is recognized. Even though, in 2001 Dr. Berkland’s license was suspended. Eventually he was fired by the state of Florida for numerous reasons.

Nothing is feared as much as a damaged reputation. On the contrary, Dr. Berkland declared he was invisible. This gives Dr. Berkland the impression; he is the one with all the brains. He and other officials have informed me this is a political world. I wonder what politics has to do with DNA or human trafficking.

Just to name a few that has supported me one time or another. To start FDLE, Jeanne Williams, Santa Rosa Police Department, victim Assistance, Detective Bullard from SC. also Dr. Minyard, the Escambia County Medical Examiner, The Chief Medical Examiner of Florida, Dr. Nelson.

These ME’s are suspecting that Dr. Berkland could have done something to the samples. After that he sent them to Trinity Solutions for DNA testing. If that is the case, should Dr. Berkland be in the position to manipulate the course of justice?

I called Dr. Minyard to ask a few more questions. First, how were the people who hired Dr. Berkland for independent cases going to find out about him and his record. They are all over the United States . Dr. Minyard answered, they probably will not. Secondly, If anyone can suspect that Dr. Berkland tampered with the samples, why isn’t anything being done for Cody? Dr. Minyard expressed her sorrow and explained she reported the situation to the Sheriffs Department and the States Attorney office. This was a relief for me.

Thus, for my records I called to get a copy of the reports. Staggeringly, there wasn’t any such statement generated at the Sheriffs Department or the States Attorney. Still, States Attorney, Mr. Rimmer’s secretary set up an additional meeting for January 09th 2006 to discuss my case once more.

My case had been reported to SGT., Rex Blackburn in the Intelligence Unit, Home Land Security at the Escambia County Police Department. I went in to talk to him and gave him a fraction of the file in particular, my diary and the letter to FDOH that stated my complaint about Dr. Berkland. He was as well taken aback. I asked him “what would you do?” Would you just bury the baby before you had the autopsy report or any DNA?” He answered, no. His plan was to perhaps charge Dr. Berkland for fraud. Grounds being, I had not yet received an autopsy report, let alone DNA. However, Dr. Berkland was paid four thousand dollars for just that.

The case was turned over to Officer, Terry Hicks. He claimed Dr. Berkland was surely involved with something. He agreed with me that the other Dr. that was with Dr. Berkland could have been Jan Johnson Plus; he asked me if I knew if that there are Nazi’s here in Florida. I said no but I wouldn’t doubt it.

Officer Hicks as well said that there are too many coincidences in my diary with the murders and all the discrepancies in the medical records for this case not be a cover-up. He said don’t worry this was going to be a big deal.

SGT. Blackburn and Officer Hicks both claimed that I wasn’t the only one that is going through this. I hoped that they didn’t think that made me feel any better. It actually made me feel worse. If this sort of thing can go on for so many cases, what makes me think I can make a difference, let alone get the answers I need.

Tia and I have been suppressed far too long, Dr. Berkland commanded me not to speak with anyone about my story. Which just reminded me of Dave trying to silence me? Ever since then I have done the exact opposite. I am accustomed to this type of brainwashing, intimidation and bribery after all these years.

These cases are known to go-on, for as long as a decade not being solved. But I rebuke the consideration of never knowing the truth.

There is more to this story that will be added in time …